Motor/Car Insurance

Motor Car Insurance

Getting into a car accident can lead to several unwanted consequences, including permanent injuries, loss of earnings, etc. Statistic shows that a total of 95,615 traffic accidents were recorded in Metro Manila only. Safety driving is not enough to avoid accidents, it is better to be insured. iProtect Consultancy and Insurance Agency, Inc. - Davao Region offers both CTPL (Comprehensive Third party Liability) and Comprehensive Insurance for your car with competitive coverage and premium.

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With the growing rate of car accidents in Davao City, every car owner should have Motor Insurance in Davao / Car Insurance in Davao to protect against the possible costs accrued in the event of an accident.

Motor Insurance in Davao safeguards your liabilities and vehicle against unpredictable losses due to accidents or unforeseen risks.

Car Insurance in Davao covers your car, other people’s cars, the people inside the cars and the people around the cars (such as pedestrians and bikers). It really depends on the types of coverage you have.

Here are types of IProtect Consultancy and Insurance Agency Inc. Motor Insurance in Davao / Car Insurance in Davao you need to be aware of: Each type of policy offers a different kind of cover.

  • Third party – this covers other people (such as your passengers) involved in an accident, or damage to other people’s property.
  • Comprehensive – covers damage to your own vehicle and other people’s property, as well as theft and some other risks, plus legal costs

Motor Insurance in Davao / Car Insurance in Davao providers offer either monthly or annual premium payment plans. Policies are then renewed on an annual basis.

Driving without insurance will lead to disqualification from driving and possibly prison.