Fire Insurance

Fire Accident is very much unexpected and heavily destructive. You have worked all your life to invest your properties so why take the risk of losing them? Be covered. Be protected. iProtect Consultancy and Insurance Agency, Inc. - Davao Region offers fire insurance that will cover you from losses caused by Fire and Lighting and other allied perils such as Explosion, Earthquake, Typhoon, Falling Aircraft , Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage.

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There are several things that can cause a fire in your home. In addition to common cooking or heating fires, a number of other fire causes including malfunction of electrical and heating systems, negligent use of candles, cigarettes and matches, and arson can plague homeowners.

Protect your home and the valuables you house within it from Fire Insurance in Davao and other unexpected natural disasters with IProtect Consultancy and Insurance Agency Inc. - Davao Region We cover your home, your property, and your people.

Our extensive Fire Insurance in Davao. It covers you against Fire loss or damage caused by Ignition of Fire, Lightning or explosion of gas for domestic purpose; and optional perils such as Natural Forces and other insured perils are subject to payment of additional premium.

It covers all the losses arising out of the Accident Insurance Davao / Fire Insurance in Davao, subject to terms and conditions of the fire policy which is limited by the policy value and not by the extent of damage sustained by the property owner.

We have provided Accident Insurance Davao / Fire Insurance in Davao to several organizations and individuals and proved track record of providing hassle free claims over the years.

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